Configuring BGInfo on Windows Server 2012

BGInfo is a small utility from Windows Sysinternals that enables you to display system information (CPU, Hostname, IP address etc.) every time you logon or reboot your machine. Although is supports every system starting Windows Server 2003 up, on Windows Server 2012, if you leave everything on default, it does not display info when connected through Remote Desktop Session – usual way of accessing any server, physical or virtual. Solution is to properly configure desktop options in BGInfo. The process of refreshing desktop bitmap during logon can be automatized if you follow this quick guide (folders and files you can name any way you like, but keep the extensions). Steps are:

  1. Configure information to be displayed
  2. Configure how wallpaper will be updated on each desktop and save configuration
  3. Create batch script and registry key to update wallpaper automatically

1. Configure information to be displayed: Run BGInfo and select what information, in what order and where you want it to display. For details how to use it see BGInfo Home Page.

2. Configure how wallpaper will be updated on each desktop:  Click on Desktops button to configure how to update wallpaper.

BGInfo-click-DesktopSelect how to update wallpaper for each type of connection: User Desktop, Console users and Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) users. If you want to update wallpaper and display information select “Update this wallpaper” from drop-down menu.

BGInfo-update-DesktopSave the configuration (File|Save As) as WhatToDisplay.bgi in C:\BGInfo folder.

3. Create batch script and registry key to update wallpaper automatically:

Create DisplayBGInfo.cmd in C:\BGInfo folder, add following commands and save.

@echo off
c:\bginfo\bginfo.exe c:\bginfo\WhatToDisplay.bgi /timer:0 /accepteula

Create RefreshBGInfoOnLogon.reg in C:\BGInfo folder, add registry key and save.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Import created registry key and enjoy. On every server you want to set it up just copy the entire BGInfo folder and import registry key.