Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 launched

Microsoft just launched Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 at the Ignite conference in Atlanta.

Evaluation versions, valid for 180 days, are available for download.

Windows Server 2016:
System Center 2016:


Some cool Windows Server 2016 videos that have been posted to YouTube:

Software Defined Storage (S2D) is where Windows Server 2016 delivers impressive in-box capabilities: Cosmos Darwin presents the amazing Storage Spaces Direct:

Ned Pyle shows how Storage Replica and Stretch Cluster create a complete Disaster Recovery solution:

Cluster OS Rolling Upgrade enables you to upgrade your cluster OS with minimum downtime. In this video, Rob Hindman demonstrates the upgrade process:

Kevin Farlee shows how SQL Server 2016 takes advantage of the new capabilities in Windows Server 2016:

Will Gries shows how to squeeze more out of the metal with Data Deduplication:

What’s new in High Availability for Remote Desktop Services? Christian Montoya showcases the new capabilities:

Software Defined Networking is a huge step forward in how you configure, manage and secure your network. Check out Greg Cusanza talking about the build in load balancer:

Nano server install type is the cornerstone of our Software Defined Compute. Refaat Issa walks us through the Nano server installation:

Want to take full usage of your GPU with the new Remote Desktop Services? Chris Huybregts recorded the following for you:

Last, the management tool to control them all. Kriti Jindal shows off the Server Management Tools: