Test-SRTopology cmdlet may fail if using Regional Settings other than US

Recently I was playing with Test-SRTopology cmdlet and it was keep failing with the error below.


I used the following cmdlet:

Test-SRTopology -SourceComputerName SR-SRC -SourceVolumeNames e: -SourceLogVolumeName f: -DestinationComputerName SR-DEST -DestinationVolumeNames e: -DestinationLogVolumeName f: -DurationInMinutes 5 -IntervalInSeconds 1 -ResultPath c:\SR-Report

Testing works fine and bunch of the csv files with data are generated. The data import fails just before generating nice and cool report since cmdlet can not parse the data because it expects US date and time format.

Workaround at this moment is to switch back to US Regional Settings if you want to play with it or do some real testing.

This is already fixed (thanks Ned) and will work with any Regional Settings in the next publicly available build of Windows Server 2016.